Fortunately--I am blessed with a pretty good head of hair. Not so for everyone---According to, here are some things you need to know about balding:

You're Not Balding, You're Just Not Growing New Hair -- Every hair has a two- to six-year life cycle. At the end of its life, the hair falls out and a new one grows. Until you get old and old man hormones shrink the follicle.It's in the Genes -- Balding is all about your genes. It used to be believed that your mom's side of the family was the one to blame for baldness. But scientists now say your dad probably made you bald, too, with a gene that they haven't found yet.

Women Like Hair -- You might want to snag your lady before baldness rocks your world. According to one survey, 25 percent of women wouldn't date a bald guy.

Once It's Gone, It's Gone -- We can land a remote control car on Mars, but at this time, there is no cure for baldness. At all. In spite of the $3.5 billion Americans spend on preventing hair loss every year, no one has found the magic formula.