When I think back some of the best times of my life were as a kid in the summertime.  I remember YMCA Day Camp with the "Y" in West Seattle.    Overnight stays at Camp Long--also in West Seattle.   And I was thinking since summer is such a great time for kids.....why should us grown-ups miss out on all the fun of summertime.  I don't think we should---came up with some great ideas for us grown ups to enjoy summer like a kid again!   Easy and pretty inexpensive things to do!


      Eat popsicles (my favorite is orange)

      Have a water fight (this is always great fun and refreshing!)

      Play games in the pool (like Marco Polo?)

      Read a book (actually good all year round)

      Build a sandcastle or another form of art along the beach! (creative fun)

      Toss a Frisbee or softball or football around.

      Go to an amusement park or those little carnivals that show up from time to    time with rides and cotton candy!

      Sit by a campfire and enjoy making and eating Smores! (The Gloss