With school years winding down, it’s time to find something for your kids to do with your summer vacation, ideally something that pays money.  As a kid I used to cut lawns, paint mailboxes, had a paper route and my first "real" job was working at McDonalds!


Here are some summer jobs that aren’t actually all that bad:

Lifeguard – You could do worse than surround yourself with women in bikinis.

Caddy – Pick a good country club and you’ll be rubbing shoulders and networking with rich, successful guys.

Dogwalker – If you walk dogs for a living, you will meet women.

Rafting/Sailing/Mountain Climbing/Scuba Diving Guide – Once you start working in the “real world,” the odds of you being able to enjoy the great outdoors for a living will be slim, so take advantage now. (BroBible.com)