I've always said, this time of year is the sweet spot for North Dakota. From May through September, the fun of everything outdoors the state has to offer and the weather is perfect, outside the possible severe storm. Plus, the fresh produce from farmers markets. Delish.com recently ranked the best farmers' market for each state.

Locally, in Bis-Man, we're fortunate to have a produce stand like Royse's Twin City Produce, always feature a nice selection of the best produce of the season. This particular article focused on the best farmers market in every state.

Listed for North Dakota is Hildebrants Farmers' Market in West Fargo. Not only can you shop for produce, you can aso shop and cut fresh flowers.

Andreas Rentz / Getty

On the other hand, every week and weekend, Bismarck plays hosts to many farmers markets that I strongly encourage. There is no better taste than a locally grown fruit of vegetable.