Sunday is the day for the "Big Game" and if you're throwing a little get together, got some advice for you.   First--on saving some money and Second--the people you may not want at your party.   You want this Sunday to be fun and not a hassle!!   I will be rooting on the Seahawks to a win over Denver! 


Here are some tips for throwing a Super Bowl party with not a lot of cash to spend:

Buy in bulk – This party is a great opportunity to use your Sam's Club membership. Buy big bags of chips, dip, and beverages.

Think about the near future – If you make your party menu with thoughts of next week’s dinners in mind, you’ll be able to use the leftovers and not waste any food.

Avoid convenience – To keep costs down, buy your vegetables for dipping along with your fruit - and cut them yourself.

Think potluck – The ultimate cost-saver … Just ask everyone to bring a dish!  You  never know what great stuff people will make and bring along!



Girl Who Wants to Put on Music – People who don’t like football might not actually realize how long the Super Bowl lasts--probably around 530-930.  And it's possible that a few hours into it, they will want to turn off “the boring game” and put on some party music.

Guy Who Hates Sports – Some guys are born with the "sports gene," and some aren’t. Having a guy who hates sports over for the party isn’t a problem unless he starts complaining about the brutality of the game and wants to start arguing about politics.

Guy or Gal Who Brings Nothing – Anybody who simply shows up empty handed to your party deserves to be shown the door or given a swift kick in the butt!

Guy Who Can’t Handle Losing – Having your team lose the Super Bowl isn't a pleasant experience and some guys can handle it better than others. If you have a wacky friend who really needs his team to win(maybe a big big wager on the game), invite him at of course----your own risk. (GuyCodeBlog)