We all enjoy the vision of a supermodel---but what til you get the lowdown on what some of them are eating to stay thin.  I think this is NUTS!!!


Many of us have tried crash diets before reunions and weddings and other important events.

But we’re guessing you’ve never tried one like the supermodels do.

In her new book The Vogue Factor, Kirstie Clements, former editor of Australian Vogue, spills all types of secrets about the super skinny sirens who strut catwalks all over the world.

Clements reveals how some models starve themselves for days on end – and only fill their stomachs with tissue paper for sustenance. Others rely on hospital drips for nutrients, afraid that they won’t be thin enough to get work. She also says that many models are so weak from hunger that they can barely keep their eyes open.

At least someone is blowing the whistle on the women we’re supposed to look up to. (Daily Mail)


A little Charmin with cheese please...or nothing with my Northern Quilted....YUKKO!!