More North Dakota Guys Are Grocery Shopping
For a guy---maybe I'm an odd duck---but I love grocery shopping.  I have since I was a little guy and used to go to the grocery stores with my mom and "help" her shop.    I'm a bargain hunter and look for the best prices on what I buy.  And it looks like I may not be alone when it comes to…
Googling Your Guy, Ladies???
Guys--you better prepared to be "Googled!"    You see this world is one of lots of technology and women are taking advantage of this and according to a new study 41% of women---especially those in the age range of 18-29 year olds are using social media--like Facebook…
Men over 40….dateable?
And I can assure you that once a man hits 40, he becomes predictable, bloated, sappy and sentimental . . . basically, exactly like Oprah’s farewell special.
by Comedian Kathy Griffin
I’m Almost Ashamed To Be A Guy
Tim Allen said it years ago---"Men Are Pigs."  And after coming across this study, it almost makes me ashamed to be a guy.   Ladies--IF you've got a good guy, that's a loving good provider...then be happy you've got him.   According to a new …
Men DO NOT Like Christmas Shopping
According to a survey about men and shopping, 89 percent of men would rather watch their favorite sports team LOSE to their biggest rival than tackle holiday gift shopping.