Many football fans can't think of anything better than waking up on a Saturday or Sunday, throwing on layers of clothes, loading food and beer into the car and spending the entire day at a stadium.

The actual game may take only three hours, but it's an entire day when you factor in the pre-game tailgate party.
But let's make one thing perfectly clear: You can't just park your car in the lot and stuff your face with burgers and beers. There's a tailgating etiquette and rules to follow. So here are some tailgating dos and don'ts:

Make a supplies checklist. You'd hate to get to the stadium and realize that you forgot something.

•If you're going to paint your face or your body, do it after you eat.

•Take one parking spot only. It's not fair to everyone else.

•Cook like you know how to cook and don't try something new at the tailgate.

•Make sure you designate a buddy to keep an eye on the grill as you're getting everything else prepared.

•Don't forget ice.

•Control your beer consumption because you don't want spend the entire game in the bathroom.

•Keep an eye on the clock. You need enough time to put out the fire, and clean everything up before game time.

•Bring the tickets.

•Don't be a litterbug. Clean up.

And finally HAVE FUN with your family and friends!!!