I have a handful of "pet peeves"----smoking is #1 and close behind is people who text and are on their cell phone while driving.  I see this way too much here in North Dakota.  There was a guy the other day on I-94 driving 50 in the left hand lane---which is supposed to be the "fast lane" and I got tired of sitting behind him, so I pass him in the right lane, and look over at the guy and he's busy texting on his cell phone.  That chaps my fanny!   They recently did something in Tennessee and the North Dakota State Patrol needs to do this here in our state---check this out!


As part of a two-day crack down on those who text while driving, state troopers rode in the cabs of big rigs to get a better view of what drivers were doing behind the wheel.  And, as you might expect, plenty of people were busted and got a ticket for not paying attention to their driving and texting instead.   I beg anyone reading this who drives and texts at the same time---PLEASE Stop texting and driving!!!!!! (MyFox Detroit)