I am good on my grill, and if I made the folks that have come on over for a bar-b-que happy and smiling, then I've done my part.  I'm pretty happy with a medium-to-medium-rare burger with American cheese and bacon on top.    Wait til you hear what coming up with an amazing hamburger can get you----a lot more than praise from your folks over for a cook out....this is an "Oh Wow!!!"   


A woman won $100,000 for inventing a new gourmet hamburger.

Erin Evenson took home the money – as well as a blue ribbon – for winning the Build a Better Burger contest.

Her burger was made with crispy fried watercress, a sweet and spicy green-curry glaze, slices of pancetta (Italian Bacon), roasted cashews, and minted basil aioli (which includes garlic, oliva oil, lemon juice and egg yolks).

She worked on the recipe for four to five hours a week for more than eight months.

Eventually she got it right down to the tiniest details – including where to put the roasted nuts and glaze – and cashed in---BIG TIME.    Don't believe you'll be ordering this at your favorite drive-thru anytime soon!!