You know that I'm a baseball fan and my favorite team is the Seattle Mariners, and one of the M's former players that left for the Texas Rangers because he wanted to play for a winner--and at the time the Rangers NEVER had a winning season or went to the playoffs, and then moved onto one of the biggest contracts in history to play for the Yankees---is Alex Rodriguez.  


It's pretty easy not to like this guy Alex Rodriguez.  He is getting paid $28 million a year for playing the game of baseball but right now he's not playing and hasn't even played a game yet this season due to his recovering from surgery on his hip.  As for the $28-million – yeah, he still gets it. But who wouldn't want to get paid for not having to work, correctomundo????  To fully understand how much money this guy--A-Rod is making I have figured it all out.   For eacg second that A-Rod takes a nap, or is flirting with some cutie, or thinks of ways to deny using those performance enhancing drugs, he's earning 89 cents. That's more than $3,000 an hour or $538,000 a week. And that's more money than many of major league baseball's top young talent will make this entire baseball season.  So do we totally dislike Alex Rodriguez, or do we wish we all had a deal as sweet as his, hmmmmm?  (USA Today)