After paying your dues, you finally get to a place in life where you can take it easy and live off your nest egg you've been saving for to retire! Where do you think is the best and most fun city to retire is, in North Dakota? Glad you asked, we have that place for you!

According to MSN Finance and Graphiq, the research was pretty straight forward in determining the best place to retire in North Dakota. The criteria was simple. The team looked at every state with the most attractions and things to do for retirees from golfing to classes offered, culture like art galleries, move theaters, tennis and fitness facilities and country clubs. You get the idea, places and things offering retirees the most do to in their now free time!

The best and most fun city to retire in North Dakota is Valley City with a population of just over 6000.

Added to Valley City State University in 1992, Medicine Wheel Park is a walkable "horizon calendar" structured out of rocks, along with a nearby Native American Burial Ground, flower garden, and other scenic sights to see of Sheyenne River Valley nature.

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Scott Olson / Getty Images