recently published the best of the worst state capitals to live in, which got us wondering, where does Bismarck rank on the list?

The methodology was pretty simple. The surveyors researched various factors such as violent crime, property crime, unemployment rate and entertainment and dining establishments among other factors. After crunching the numbers, the rankings are

  1. Juneau, AK
  2. Pierre, SD
  3. Madison, Wisconsin
  4. Concord, NH
  5. Helena, MT

Bismarck ranked #6 in the top 10 ranking. The researchers reported one of the most appealing factors of Bismarck were the rental prices, stating a 2 bedroom apartment can be as low as $800 a month. I know from experience, during the oil boom a few years ago, it was hard press to find a decent apartment for under $1000 a month. Currently, the rental rates are more appealing.




If you're like me, I find it surprising that Juneau was ranked #1. I think I should visit that area.

Some of the lower ranking state capitals include Baton Rouge, LA; Little Rock, AR; Columbia, SC and Jackson, MS.

You can see the complete list here.