Let's start with a full disclosure. I would not know one golf course from another. I personally do not play golf. I would consider myself in the minority. Most of  my colleagues  and friends play the sport. Here we go with a subject that will cause a huge debate, therefore I must say, this list is according to the source of this story. and not me.

That source would be Wander Bat. This is a fact we know for sure, North Dakota has some of the best courses in the nation. So how did Wander Bat come up with this prestigious list? First, they spoke to the experts at various golfing publications and the input and advice from thousands of golfers, they came up with this list. The best golf course in every state.

According to Wander Bat, the best golf course in North Dakota is located here in Bismarck.  Hawk Tree Golf Course.  The staff at the publication said among other distinctive attributes, Hawk Tree has black sand traps. The course has been open since 1999. Hawk Tree ranked #28 on the list.

Ian MacNicol/ Getty Images

Let the debate begin! Do you agree?