WalletHub recently released the best and worst states for working moms, and I know you're wondering how did North Dakota fare in this survey?

It comes as no surprise that NoDak has an abundance of vacancies and jobs needing to be filled. With so many job openings, is North Dakota a good state for working moms?

WalletHub did the survey and made their findings public this week. According to WH,

WalletHub analyzed state dynamics across 12 key metrics to identify the Best & Worst States for Working Moms.

Women currently have more opportunities and make up more than half of today's workforce, but still are not compensated as much as their male counterparts.

As we look at the results, many Midwest states fared very well including Wisconsin(#3) and  Minnesota (#2). The best state for working moms is Vermont.

Sadly, my home state of Louisiana came in at #51.  South Dakota was #25 and Montana was #26.

North Dakota was in the top 10! The Peace Garden State was # 7.  The state ranked 7th in childcare rank category, 19th in professional category rank and 14th in work life balance category. Not too shabby for the state!

Do you agree with the findings?

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

You can see the complete list here for the country and District of Columbia.