Did you buy some Girl Scout Cookies this year?  I'm a big fan of those Thin-Mints.  And I've got an amazing story for you----the record setter when it comes to Girl Scout Cookie Sales!



A Girl Scout in Oklahoma City has broken a record for selling the most Girl Scout Cookies.  And here's the story of the top-seller!! Katie Francis says she asked everyone she knew and met to buy cookies, and this year she sold a whopping 18,107 boxes of those Girl Scout Cookies . She broke the previous record of 18,000 sold back in the '80s. At $4 a box, this amazing 6th-grader raised more than $72-thousand for the Girl Scouts of America. Her own Girl Scout troop will get a portion of that money, which it intends to donate to breast cancer research.   What an amazing Girl Scout---they ought to have a special merit badge just for Katie!!!(AP)