Lots of infomercials on TV try to sell us something that is supposed to change our life.  Well--I've found a new and cheap product that may really change life for us--it makes just about any and everything--SPILLPROOF.  It's made by Rust-oleum and is available at Home Depot---wish we had one here in Bismarck! Maybe we will find it at Lowe's or Ace Hardware!


Here's the lowdown!

It's a new spray product, called “NeverWet,” and this stuff actually repels liquids to protect any article of clothing from ever getting stained again, all for the shockingly low price of $20.  Neverwet will protect your clothing against any liquid, including oil, mud, or condiments.  It also deflects moisture, leaving no trace of the liquid whatsoever.

I find this one of the best things to come along in like forever.  I've heard that some people have messed around with the stuff enough and have found out that it even makes iPhones and iPods pretty much waterproof. (Neverwet.com)