Well well well....this is like Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Red Neck" people come true.  According to a new survey, four percent of Americans believe that “shape-shifting reptilian people” rule the world. Seriously.   Me?  I've never seen a UFO, but would love to.   I haven't seen a Sasquatch aka Bigfoot either.   I guess the only UFO I have ever seen is some of the unidentified frying objects that I have got to see at some restaurants....


The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, tried to figure out exactly what crazy stuff people out there believe. And, the results were shocking.

14 percent believe Bigfoot lives.

5 percent think Paul McCartney died and was secretly replaced by the Beatles in 1966.

21 percent of Americans believe aliens crashed at Roswell.

7 percent think the moon landing was faked. (New York Daily News)