I'm a guy and I've discovered over the year and some divorces, it can be hard to make a relationship work.   Like me perhaps you'll have many women come in and out of your life and hopefully you find the one to actually settle down with.  While they may not be your girlfriend forever---they will your EX forever!   And strange enough some may be a part of your life, until you leave this world.     Did some research and there are different types of exes and I'd thought I'd share so you can see what kind of ex you have.  This is pretty COOL stuff!!



The kissie-face ex − She's the one you can't stand but would love to get in the old lip-lock one more time with her.

The stalker ex − Thanks to social media, she has many ways to keep up with you and what you're doing and who you're with.

The sad ex − This the one who has never really gotten over your breakup.

The bitter ex − She's intent on making you feel the pain you caused her when you ended the relationship with her.  Me?  I have an ex-wife like this.    We've been divorced since 1987 and she still carries bitterness and anger that is NOT justified.   I even told her one time "I'm not worth it," but apparently she thinks that I am.   WEIRD!!

The aloof ex − She doesn't seem to understand that you're no longer together.

The ex who moved on quickly − Seriously, it's been maybe a week and she's already with someone else?  YIKES!!!

The ex that thinks you can still be friends − You have enough friends … and she doesn't seem to grasp that fact.

Last but not least---The logical, appeals-to-your-best-interests ex − This woman agrees that breaking up was the best thing for both of you, and strange enough----you may actually be able to remain friends with her.  That is a BIG MAYBE however!!  (Guyism)