Alrighty Now---A little something from the J.J. Hemingway "Oooh Ick Department."  Any idea the stuff we touch everyday that is sooooooooooo dirty and filled with germs?   Some we can't avoid having contact with---so you can't say you haven't been warned---here's the top dirtiest things we come into contact with many days---often---most everyday!!


Top-10 Dirtiest Things We Come Into Contact With:

      Money (any idea who has actually touched that money???)

      Light switches

     Your Computer keyboard

      Cell Phone (thousands and thousands of germs live on your cell phone)

      Toilet seat: (no brainer here)

      Shopping cart at grocery stores, etc.

      Your TV remote


      Kitchen sink

      & Finally---Your Kitchen sponge: This might be the most disgusting, germ-ridden item that you wind up having contact with. (