What jobs will help you pack on the pounds?  So glad to see "Radio Personality" did NOT make the list---YAY!   But see if your job made the Top-5!

According to the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, some of the lowest paying jobs have the highest rates of obese employees. Here are the Top 5 most obese professions:


5. Manager or Executive: High stress plus hours of inactivity and corporate lunches equals a lot of extra pounds

4. Clerical or Office Worker: Sitting at a desk with no view of the outside world and only a vending machine filled with candy to help you get through the day is a recipe for gaining weight.

3. Installation or Repair Worker: Being on the road all day means stopping for snacks and fast food is always an easy and inexpensive option – but it is definitely not the healthiest choice.

2. Manufacturing/Production: You would think that being on an assembly line would give you a workout, but low pay makes eating healthy an impossible option for many households. It's expensive and time consuming to eat healthy.

1. Transportation: Bus drivers, taxi drivers, train operators ... all these individuals spend many exhausting hours sitting. Fast food is always a quick, easy option – and it's hard to think about exercise at the end of a long stressful day. (TheStir)