How many hours a week do you work?  Me?   A bunch!!    And here in the States we have pretty much a 40 hours work week---I know I exceed that BIG TIME.    Have you heard about the French work's set at 35 hours a week, and they've added a little extra stipulation to that.   The latest is a ban on after hours e-mails---seriously!!!



Workers and employers in France have come to an agreement that employees will no longer be required to check their work-related email before 9 a.m. or after The main reason for doing this is that they want to maintain their 35-hour work week so it doesn't slowly creep up to 40.   My thought on this---can you imagine having a law that would require you to hang up on your boss if he or she calls you at 6:01pm? Sounds great to me!!!!  Hmm--I do like French Bread, French Dressing and occasionally French Fries---now I LOVE that French Work Week (The Guardian)