One of my favorite soft drinks is Coca-Cola---when it served up in a small real glass bottle.  For some reason it does taste amazing.  Upon surfing the web, I came across a fun site called Pop vs. Soda, which documents the different terms for our favorite fizzy beverages and the states (broken down by county) that call it a certain term.  From the map (I took a screenshot from the website), in summary, it is called “pop” in the Midwest and Northwestern states, it’s called “Soda” in the Northeast states and on the West Coast, and it’s called “Coke” in the southern states (even if it’s not a Coca-Cola). 


What do we call our fizzy drinks here in North Dakota?  Of those who’ve taken the survey in Bismarck’s Burleigh County,  80% call it pop, 17% call it Soda, 2% call it Coke, and 1% call it something else.  In Mandan’s Morton County, 82% call it pop and 18% call it soda. 

For North Dakota overall, here are the stats:

Total North Dakota responses: 1381 (comprises 0.36% of all US responses)

pop: 1099 (79.58% of all North Dakota responses, 0.73% of all pop responses)
soda: 242 (17.52% of all North Dakota responses, 0.15% of all soda responses)
coke: 15 (1.09% of all North Dakota responses, 0.03% of all coke responses)
other: 25 (1.81% of all North Dakota responses, 0.13% of all other responses)

To add your own response a link to the website is below, check it out and vote!!