Every guy wants to have a lot of money. Some guys are lucky enough to make that happen, while others are getting use to the idea of that never happening for them.

But what a lot of broke guys don't understand is that they have a lot of bad habits that are actually keeping them poor.
Here are some common habits of perpetually poor guys.

Smoking cigarettes -- That's money that, literally, goes up in smoke.
Women -- The quest for women is much greater than the quest for cash, but the quest for women requires the spending of cash.
Credit cards -- They only pay the minimum balance.
Kids -- Every kid you have is 18 years of car payments ... with no car to show for it at the end of it all.
Meals -- They don't cook, so a lot of money is spent on takeout.
Fantasy Leagues -- Playing fantasy sports is not an investment. It's a pastime. It's gambling.

Hopefully these "red flags" will help if you're on the road to becoming poor!! And looking like "This Guy!!"