Looks like there are some household chores that women find really attractive in a man.  So guys---here's the things you need to be proficient at and who knows---it just lead to a little romance---a special thank you for a job well done!!


Cooking – Women love a can that can cook.  So brush up on your skills and if nothing else guys---you'll wind up enjoying a great home cooked meal yourself!!

Plumbing – If you’re able to get your wife or girlfriend’s sink unclogged, or get a fixture replaced your woman will be thinking of you every and every morning--with a nice smile on her face.  AND----Hopefully, she’ll still be thinking of you at night.

Ironing – You can’t always rely on the dry cleaner – or even dear old mom for the rest of your life.  So the way I see it---if you've finished high school---then there's no excuse for wearing pants that are wrinkled!!!  (GuyCodeBlog)