24/7 Wall St. has published a list of the least healthy city in every state. To kill some of the suspense, the healthiest city was Fargo. Guess where the unhealthiest city in the state is located? I think you're pretty close to that city.

24/7 Wall St. looked at several indicators to come up with this list.

Each city was ranked based on overall health outcomes, including length and  quality of life. Also considered in the index are a range of factors that  influence these outcomes, including healthy behaviors, clinical care, social and  economic indicators, and physical environment.

They also looked at health insurance for citizens in the area and healthcare plus education.

The least healthy city in North Dakota is Bismarck.

Bismarck is the least healthy city in an otherwise very healthy state, and it is  generally in better shape than the rest of the country. Cities across North  Dakota have fairly uniform levels of healthy behaviors, but Bismarck reported  far worse health outcomes. Health insurance is important to a population’s  health, and at about 92%, Bismarck’s insured rate is about 7 percentage points  higher than the rest of the country’s. Child poverty is another important  indicator of current health and a good predictor of future health. North Dakota  had the second lowest child poverty level in the country, and at 11.8%, Bismarck  also had one of the lowest child poverty rates of any metro area. Bismarck  shares many healthy behaviors with the rest of North Dakota, but loses more  years of potential life than any other city in the state. In Bismarck, 7,513  years of potential life per 100,000 people are lost by those who die before age  75. This is 1,125 more years lost than the estimated incidence of premature  death for North Dakota.

Complete details can be found here.

Doug Pensinger / Getty