In life, we all will tell a little white lie, and when it comes to woman to woman--here's the list of the little white lies that women tell each other, and see if this isn't right on!!

•Sure--you should totally get a third cat.

•I'm glad that guy went for you instead of me. I wasn't into him anyway.

•Of course I have NO problem with you and you boyfriend staying with me for a week. I don't mind sleeping on the couch.

•No, no your lower-back tattoo is WAY more classy than the typical tramp stanp.

•Nah---I don't really want dessert either.

•Of course that plaid wallpaper looks nice in your living room!

•I know he's bad for me and I swear I'll never take him back. I am totally over him.

AND last but not least:

•Honey, that;s just water weight, it'll come right off as soon as you have the baby.

So---are these right on?????