Not sure IF you've noticed, but it seems many of our U.S. Presidents ARE left-handed.  How about you are you the 1 in 10 that is a "LEFTIE?"   I have some friends that are left-handed, including my co-host at the Cool 98.7 Breakfast Table----Linae Wolf.  And she agrees that lefties do have it tough at times.  Desks are always on the wrong side in school, scissors never work, shaking hands is difficult, can openers are tough to operate ... the list goes on and on.


But alas----apparently that’s not all.  Lefties are also more prone to Schizophrenia, ADHD, breast cancer and accidents in general.

But it's not all bad news ... here's the good news for all those of your that are left-handed-----lefties are also more likely to excel in math, music, language and competitive sports.    And as you can see from the picture in this blog--there IS even a store called "Lefties!!!"   Now that is as I say "Most COOL!"