How are we doing when it comes to tipping in North Dakota---we're pretty much in the middle of the pack.  IF I get good service at a restaurant and the meal is good, then I will leave a nice tip---maybe 20%-25%.  BUT---if the service is horrible and they screw up the meal---generally I will leave a very small tip of a dime or quarter, so the server will know that I didn't forget to tip, but I was VERY UNHAPPY with their service----so maybe the server will do a better job next time!  Here's the results of survey so you know who tips the most and least!!



New research has been completed from all 50 states and now we know who tips the best and who tips the worst.   Overall the national average is around 16.5 percent.   Here in North Dakota, we average around 17 percent.   The state at the top of the list is Wild & Wonderful West Virginia with a rate of almost 21 percent.  The state that does the worst---the Silver State of Nevada, which averages around 14 percent when it comes to tipping.   Now you know!!