I've been living in Bismarck for close to 2 years and one of the things that really scares me BIG TIME--is driving around here.   For some reason some people do NOT use their turn signal, run red lights and continue to text and talk on their cellphone while driving.   I've come to close to getting in an accident that would NOT be my fault.   It just baffles me how people just don't seem to take their driving seriously.     When I ask the police about the drivers here, they agree that some of the worst ones are right here in Bismarck-Mandan, and the fact that the fines for tickets are so low may be the reason why people just don't drive better.



According to Uncoached.com,  and their survey here's some of the  most annoying drivers on the road:

The Cell Phone Talker & Texter

The Tailgater

The Super Slow Driver (like in the left hand lane and not moving to the right...grrrrrrrrr!)

The Fast Reckless Guy--that seems to think the road ONLY belongs to him

The In and Out of Lane Guy--I see alot of motorcycles doing this.  To me--NOT GOOD!!!