How's that relationship of yours with your boyfriend, fiance' or husband going??   Ladies---you may not even realize it, but there are things that will drive a man crazy and NOT in a good way.  But being aware of what he really doesn't like can be a big step forward in your relationship and to help make it last.   Got a list of what women do that drive their men batty!!  


Blowing off compliments: When your man gives you a compliment---don't ignore it or just blow it off.  It's important that your guy thinks you're amazing---so give him a big smile when he compliments you and say "Thanks!" and say "thank you!"

Constantly bringing up mistakes he's made in the past:  Over and over again If you keep bringing up past arguments and past relationship problems that means you perhaps really never got over what happened in the first place and you're keeping resentment hidden away---NOT a good idea.  Remember---that you can't move forward if you keep dwelling on the past!

Not listening: This happens after some couples have been together for some time – that it's actually easy NOT to hear what your man is saying.  LISTEN CAREFULLY!!

Having a "Critical Spirit":  Sharing your wants and desires is one thing, but griping and being a nag and then simply criticizing your man will have a very NEGATIVE effect.  If you don't end behavior like nagging and griping that could wind up costing you and ending the relationship once and for all.  (ChickRX)