Lots of rivalry around the Dakotas--some of us love the Vikings, and hate the Packers, and vice-a-versa, or perhaps we love the Bears---me I love the Seattle Seahawks, and when it comes to baseball I am NOT a fan of the New York Yankees--to me they buy their way into the post-season, but this year, didn't fare quite as well as expected.   So---who do we hate the most when it comes to sports teams????

It's fun to hate sports teams. If there weren't hateable teams out there, every game would be the equivalent of the Seattle Mariners versus the Sacramento Kings. No one would care.

According to TotalProSports.com, here are the most hateable teams in pro sports:

9. Boston Red Sox

8. Dallas Cowboys

7. Miami Heat

6. New England Patriots

5. Detroit Pistons

4. Philadelphia Flyers

3. Los Angeles Lakers

2. Oakland Raiders

1. New York Yankees--YES the team I love to hate came out #1!!!