I'm a BIG sports fan.  Love major league baseball and as a Mariners fan, I will head to Minneapolis to see the Twins and Seattle play a little ball at Target Field, and from experience it's not fun to be a fan for the opposition when you're visiting Century Link Field in Seattle.   That is a loud and VERY pro Seahawks place.  Just try wearing a Vikings jersey there when Seattle and Minnesota clash---not a pretty picture!!!



As sports fans attending games, we like to think our favorite team is inspired by our passion and that, in our own small way, we actually affect the outcome. This is almost never the case. But we can affect  how comfortable fans rooting for the visiting team are. There are friendly stadiums and nasty ones.

According to TotalProSports.com, the most intimidating teams for visiting fans to watch are:

9. Oakland Raiders

8. Philadelphia Eagles

7. Cornell Hockey

6. New York Yankees

5. Philadelphia Phillies

4. Kansas City Chiefs

3. Detroit Pistons

2. Seattle Seahawks

1. Duke (TotalProSports.com)