When it comes to sports---I guess Football fans are the fans that are most superstitious.  The folks sponsoring our Pro Football Picks contest---Bud Light....decided to check out and see which fans wear the most lucky shirt, perhaps an unwashed football jersey, eat something special before or during a game and maybe have some other kind of ritual they go through before their team kicks off.  (Poor Jacksonville fans---NOTHING is working!!)


Here's what the folks at Bud Light discovered the fans of the Ravens in Baltimore are the most superstitious in all of the NFL.   The Ravens fans were followed by the Arizona Cardinals, the Saints of New Orleans, Raiders fans in Oakland and at #5 the Philadelphia Eagles.   And surprisingly the least superstitious fans are those of the Vikings in Minnesota!!

Some of the odd findings by the Bud Light crew---Oakland fans seem to wear the same article of clothing to each game to bring their team luck. Over in Buffalo--Bills fans usually eat the same thing each and every game.  And if you're a fan of Big Ben and the Steelers in Pittsburgh(so far a very long season), they are most likely to believe that their particular superstition can really make a difference is how the game turns out.  Think the Steelers fans may need a few more lucky rabbits foot or some freshly washed "terrible towels" to win this weekend!!!

Me?  I'm a fan of the Seahawks and we have the "12th Man" which is the loudest fan base in all of pro-sports and recently set a record for being the loudest...a nice little advantage over the opposition.   Seattle rarely loses at home!