Kristen Stewart can't catch a break – at least not since the bizarre cheating scandal with Rupert Saunders that had Twi-hard fans turn on her faster than a sparkly vampire can run!

First, she was named "least sexy actress" in a UK poll and most recently a Reader's Digest national survey gave her the title of "Least Trustworthy Celebrity." Stewart received the lowest score (24%), among all the movie stars who made the list. Tom Cruise wasn't far behind with only 27% of the trustworthy votes ...

Survey participants were told to determine trustworthiness by the "integrity and character, exceptional talent, drive to personal excellence, internal moral compass, message, honesty and leadership" of each individual.

Any guess who topped the list as the "Most Trusted Celeb"? Why Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock of course! Hanks scored 65% of the vote and Bullock got 63%. (ETOnline)