I'm a guy and I think a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day really rocks.  If you haven't finalized the menu for tonight;s dinner, you are seriously running out of time! Have no fear, you can still knock his socks off with a romantic dinner by incorporating some of these foods. Here are the most romantic foods for the perfect Valentine's Day dinner:


Whipped Cream: Put it on fruit or an after-dinner coffee for a sexy and easy end to any meal.

Fondue: Nothing says romance better than fondue. It is French, after all! It also makes sharing food and feeding each other fun.

Champagne: A bit of the bubbly is always romantic. his drink not only tastes good but it looks sexy as well!

Steak and Potatoes: Chances are high he loves red meat, and the fact that you would make something that you know he loves is sweet and romantic.

Oysters: The most renowned edible aphrodisiac in the world!

Chocolate: In any form – cake, brownie, pudding or candy – chocolate is the dessert of love! (TheStir)