Thrillist is doing it again! Every year they publish the most under rated place in every state. I would agree with the place they chose for North Dakota. Although, NoDak has many little gems in the state.

Just recently, I took a road trip to Washburn. I've always passed through the town on 83 while riding my motorcycle, but never took a turn off the highway into town, How adorable Washburn is! So Thrillist published their pick, although, I find many under rated places every year in our state.

Thrillist talked to travel experts and life long residents from every state, and examined social media comments to determine the most under rated place in the state.

For North Dakota, it's the Enchanted Highway, just off of I-94. The features about 30 miles of large metal sculptures. Every few miles, you have roadside sculptures from everything from large geese in flight to a grasshopper, farming and a Teddy Roosevelt then you can end up in the town of Regent.