If you're not married and single---think about the last first date you went on.  And if you're happily married, think back to that first date with your now husband or wife.  That first date--we're all on our best behavior, since a first date is pretty much an audition for a second date.  And very superficial questions---"What's Your Favorite TV Show," "Where Did You Grow Up?"  "What Kind Of Work Do You Do?"    IF this was a perfect world(and it ISN'T) it would be pretty cool to skip all of the fore-mentioned questions and ask the real stuff we want to know about this particular person.



I do have a list here of the first date questions you should never ask, that is IF you'd like to have a second date---even though you really wish you could ask some of these "burning questions."  You know---"Inquiring Minds Want To Know!!"

•"Are you really interested in an actual relationship or are you just trying to hook up?"

•"Why did you call it quits with your last ex?"

 •"Do you want to get married and have kids someday?"

 •"Will you actually call me or text me when you say you will?"

 •"Does your Mother still do your laundry?"

 •"Can I please take a picture of you and send it to my friends without it being awkward or strange?"


•"Are you seeing or dating anyone else right now?" (TheFrisky)