I've had it happen to me---married a gal I had known for only two months (I know--CRAZY), and she had a reputation for cheating, but I chose to ignore the "red flags" and I was a victim of her straying only 9 months into our marriage, and needless to say the marriage did not last, this happened back in 1998.   And I can tell you it did break my heart.   Found the results of a new survey out as to WHY women cheat.  The latest stats show that 14% of married women have cheated at least once, and 22% of married men are guilty of cheating as well.


According to this new survey out, here's the reasons married women said that they strayed and cheated:

•They enjoy being a "bad girl"

•They're trying to boost their self-esteem

•Revenge and payback for past wrongs from their husband

•A lack of intimacy

•Feel ignored, unappreciated and neglected

•Boredom in the bedroom  (AskMen.com)