There's a reason why cologne exists and it's because men can smell. Cologne gives guys the opportunity to mask the funk, but using too much or not using it the right way can make it worse.

I personally use the cologne "Hugo," I can't really even smell it on me, so that means it mixes well with my body chemistry and I get nice compliments on it, but there ARE rules, whether it's Hugo, Polo, Aqua Velva or Old Spice!

Here are 5 rules to follow when applying your favorite cologne:

1. The easy does it rule: Do not bathe in your cologne. A few dabs in the right places will entice and not overpower.

2. It's the heart that counts rule: Put a drop wherever you could feel a beat -- like the wrists, neck and heart.

3. The crowded club rule: Put a little dab on the back of your neck. During the night, your scent will get noticed as you're squeezing through the crowd.

4. The daddy dearest rule: If she has a strong relationship with her dad then find out what he wears and buy it. The familiar smell will give her an instant sense of security.

5. The attention to detail rule: Try not to wear different scents at the same time. Your soap, deodorant and cologne will likely all have different scents. Try to keep your smells uniform.

Here's what my personal favorite looks like: