According to a poll---this may surprise you ladies----79 percent of men say they noticed their partner's shoes. Perfect excuse when he asks why we need so many of them!  So unless your guy is one of the 21% that doesn't notice what shoes his woman is wearing, you may want to check this new shoe survey out!

And some of these shoes, I wasn't even quite sure what they are---like what are "Kitten Heels?"  and "Mary Janes?"  So I looked them up and they look ok to me!  I will admit I'm NOT a fan of Crocs....



According to the poll, conducted by, these are the shoes guys hate to see us wearing ... 

      Wedge shoes  − 71%

      Uggs − 67%

      Crocs − 63%

      Platforms − 58%

      Flip flops − 55%

      Moccasins − 49%

      Mary Janes − 42%

      Ballet shoes − 37%

      Kitten heels − 34%

     Sneakers − 25% (Huffington Post)