Ah yes!  The joys of relationships and love and affection NOT returned by the one that has captured your hard.  Found this on line on the site  YourTango.com, here are some signs for the ladies to pay attention to--so you will know that you're "just friends" with a guy and that real romance and a relationship will NOT be forthcoming:


•When you hang out together, it's seems like it's always with a group of people − and never alone with him--NEVER just the two of you.

•He calls you "buddy."
  This is a definite BAD sign.

•He talks about the women he dates and is involved with physically with you.

•He tries to set you up with his friends and other guys.

•He lets you sleep over − but never touches you or makes any kind of move on you.

IF you're experiencing some of these signs...and you really want a relationship, probably it will be best to look elsewhere...and avoid a broken heart and frustration!!