Is there anything worse than being in "the friend zone?" You don't want to be friends. You have enough friends.

If only you could have known that you were her "buddy" sooner. Well actually, you could have.

There are certain signs that would have told you that you're only a friend, and not a boyfriend.   Here are 10 of them:

10. There's no tension or awkward moments.

9. She doesn't laugh at your bad jokes.

8. She talks about other girls that you should be interested in.

7. She's never interested in doing what you want to do.

6. She introduces you to others as "my friend."

5. She stays away from you in public.

4. She asks for favors.

3. When you hang out, she brings along a third wheel.

2. She doesn't lay a finger on you.

1. She gushes over other men.