Well--do you love your coffee in the morning?  OR are you sipping on a little mocha-java all day long and just can't get enough?  You could be obsessed with coffee.   Me?  I'm a hot tea drinker--sugar and lemon please, but when it comes to coffee--Hot--Strong And Black!!!    Here's the signs you just may be obsessed with coffee!  See if this IS you!



In the morning, everyone knows to stay away from you until you’ve had your first cup.

You can taste the difference between regular and decaf ... and you NEVER drink decaf.
  (Now--that would be me---NEVER give me decaf!!)

You understand why more than 50% of people say they would choose coffee over making love.

You take more coffee breaks than bathroom breaks at work.

You have no problem paying more than five bucks for a cup.
  (That IS nuts!!!)

Your barista knows you by name … as well as your order.

Every time you see an article about the health benefits of coffee – you post it all over social media for the world to see!

You own a French press.

You actually love coffee breath.