I will state this flat out---when you date someone--that's when you decide if you get into a serious relationship, or break up.  BUT---when you get married, and make your vows BEFORE God and man....then you DO NOT cheat or stray with another.  Got a story I shared this morning at the Breakfast Table about a real bonehead named Ivan, and what he's having to do to get his wife back.   Wonder IF it's really worth it?  Once a cheater, perhaps ALWAYS a cheater??

Digital Vision Pics


Well---Boneheaded Ivan--the cheating husband needs--get ready for this---10,000 Facebook “likes” for his wife Sonya to take him back.

This woman was so very angry to find out her husband screwed around behind her back and cheated on her, so what Sonya did---was to force him to post some very embarrassing pics of himself on Facebook.

In one picture, the boneheaded cheater is shown holding up a sign that admits he cheated – and in another picture, the sign says that the woman he got with was--really ugly.

All this was set up to shame boneheaded Ivan and at the same time generate enough interest to get those 10,000 likes.  I'm thinking ol' Ivan here never heard of Lorena and John Bobbit---'nuff said!!  (HuffingtonPost.com)