Well--IF you have a daughter--you probably think she's pretty super, but I have a story of the daughter I'm calling "Super Daughter"



When we think of people who can lift up a cars--or in this case--a Jeep off the ground, we don’t generally think of a 22-year-old female.  But that is exactly what happened and this is a COOL story!!  When Rachel Simmons saw that her step-dad was trapped under the Jeep he’d been working on, Rachel really stepped into action, she ran out of the house, and actually lifted up the Jeep off her dad’s leg enough so that he could get free.  And what's even more amazing about this story--- her step dad’s leg wasn’t even broken – just a few cuts and a few bruises.  That why I dub this woman---"Super Daughter!!!"  And for a good reason.  Even though she wasn't wearing tights, boot and a cape!