I'm a guy----and I will be the first to admit---I'm guilty of a few of these--especially the parts about the Romantic Comedies--I love "Sleepless In Seattle," and I will sing or at least lip-synch pop music songs---at least the music we play here on Cool 98.7!  I love to at least hum along to "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac.   

Here's a list of some things that most guys do that they will never admit ... 


Watch romantic comedies on their own because they want to: He will pretend he's watching When Harry Met Sally for your sake, because he wants to seem macho, but the truth is he secretly loves it and has watched it of his own free will multiple times!

Check other guys out: Sure, girls check other girls out, but don't let his fake bravado fool you – he checks out other dudes too! And he is capable of acknowledging if another guy is hot – he just won't admit it to you!

Sing along to pop music: He won't have every Beatles song on his iPod, and he'll never admit to liking mainstream music, but chances are high he knows all the words to "Twist And Shout"– and he likes it!

Cry: We all do it ... guys just hate to admit it!