Guys do a lot of stupid things, and the driving force behind most of the stupid things guys do is, of course, women. So what if women didn't exist?

Here are nine things guys would never do if women didn't exist:

9. Purchase a rug. Rugs tie the room together, or at least that's what she says.

8. Own a breed of dog that we can't pronounce. Guys want dogs, but we want simple dogs like Labs, Pugs and Bulldogs and my favorite--Beagles.

7. See any movie that stars Hugh Grant.

6. Apologize.

5. Talk on the phone ... except of course to order food.

4. Go to brunch on a Sunday during football season.

3. Go to brunch. Period.

2. Watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

1. Leave a bar before midnight.

And one more----put the toilet seat back down......