Always differences between men and women and there are certain things that women love to do together.  I've noticed--going to the bathroom together is one of them, and that seems to be something that guys just do NOT do together----as a guy I can't think of a time when I went to the bathroom together with another guy.   And I have the official list of things women LOVE to do in groups...check it out!



•Trying out a new gym or new workout class: Can't blame them for wanting to do that..especially if it's something new and different--makes it more fun.

•Brunch: Who wants to eat alone?  Plus a special coffee is no fun without girlfriends!

•Make life changing hair cut decisions: Easier to do a new do when your friends always unite on an answer.

•Shopping: If you're going to spend a few bucks or a lot of bucks do it with your gal pals.

•Watching award shows: The Academy Awards on coming up get together with your BFF's and see who gets the Oscar!!