Did you know that the way you open up those Christmas gifts can say volumes about your personality.  There's a new book out called "1001 More Ways You Reveal Your Personality," and there's what the Author Elayne Kahn has to say and see IF she is right!


If you shake your gifts to try to guess what they are: You're pretty dramatic and love being the center of attention.  You're also a great story teller!

If you tear your gifts open: You're very enthusiastic, aggressive and impatient. You're truly a kid at heart and love Christmas Time.

If you open your card first: You're pretty thoughtful and considerate. You're not an impulsive shopper and you really do care deeply about what other people think about you.

If you parade your gifts around for everyone to see: You love to entertain others and love to make people laugh and you really enjoy being the center of attention.

If you open your gifts all by yourself: You sometimes are guilty of hiding your feelings and even your emotions from others and you don't like being caught off-guard or letting your real emotions show.

If you wait to see what everyone else got: You're a bit insecure and worry all the time. You are very well-liked among friends even though you do not think so.